How to Recover Permanently Deleted Instagram Account? – 2022


If you have accidentally deleted your Instagram account or did it intentionally and later realised that you still need it and want to recover it. Then “How to recover permanently deleted Instagram account” is the question you’re looking answers for.

We often find tons of videos and websites showing us how to recover permanently deleted Instagram account; still, nobody gives us the solution to retrieve a permanently deleted Instagram account.

Beware of frauds claiming to recover your permanently deleted Instagram account. None other than Instagram Team can recover your account by any means.
So, Be Careful!

Read below the possible ways to recover permanently deleted Instagram account.

Is It Possible To Recover Permanently Deleted Instagram Account?

You must have read that according to the Instagram policy if your account was deleted by you or someone with your password, there’s no way to restore it.

However, if your account is disabled, banned, or deleted by INSTAGRAM due to any reasons or got hacked and deleted, you need to follow the steps given in this article to recover permanently deleted Instagram account.

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My Personal Experience

A few days back, my Instagram account got deleted. When I realized that it was permanently gone. I started trying to recover it by login again and again but I couldn’t because the login page showing the message – looks like you requested to delete this account.

When I clicked to learn more, it showed your account has been deleted.


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Steps to Recover Permanently Deleted Instagram Account

As mentioned above, according to the Instagram policy, if your account was permanently deleted by you or someone else, you can’t recover it.

However, if your account was disabled by mistake or deleted by INSTAGRAM due to any reasons, you may be able to appeal the decision by contacting the Instagram help center.

All you need to follow the steps given below to recover permanently deleted Instagram account.

  • Open your Instagram login page.
  • Enter your login credentials – username and password
  • Try the forgot password option to reset your password.

If this option won’t let you recover your account, then the next option is to contact Instagram Team.

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To contact the Instagram support team, you need to click on the link button given below.

This link will redirect you to an Instagram page like this.


This form shows a question – Is this account used to represent a business, product or service?

If your account was personal then select no and click send.

Then a form will be opened and you need to fill in your details.

  • Full name – the exact name that you used on your Instagram account
  • Your Instagram username
  • Your e-mail id – the email address you have used to sign up for your Instagram account
  • What country are you contacting us from? – select your country from the list

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After submitting the completed form to the Instagram technical support team, you’ll receive an email within 48 hours that contains a code consisting of numbers and instructions to follow.

  • Take an A4 sheet or any white paper.
  • Write down the code given in the mail, your full name and Instagram username in bold.
  • Send a clear matching photo of the corresponding Instagram profile owner while holding the paper on which code is written. (as asked in the mail)

If your account is temporarily disabled or compromised due to any reason, then account recovery will be carried out within 2-3 days. You’ll be provided with a link to restore your account.


By clicking on the link provided by Instagram Team, you can recover permanently deleted Instagram account.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is It Possible To Recover a Permanently Deleted Instagram Account?

Yes, it is possible to recover a deleted Instagram account either if your account is hacked or deleted by someone.

How can I get my deleted Instagram account back if it was hacked by someone and then deleted?

To recover your hacked or deleted Instagram account, you need to contact Instagram Support Team to appeal the decision.

Why Instagram has disabled my account without any warning?

Instagram might have blocked your account because you have violated the privacy policies of Instagram it can be either sharing some hate speech, the violence triggered post, or an obscene post.

My Instagram account was disabled due to not following community guidelines as per Instagram. I have not violated any policy. Why it happen?

Policy violations are not only applied to adult content but also to Third-party apps. If you have given access to your Instagram to any third-party app, chances are your Instagram will get disabled.

I tried to submit the Instagram contact form but it shows the URL not found?

If you’re an error of URL not found then there is a high probability that your Instagram account got Permanently Deleted and there are no ways to restore it.


Contact the Instagram support team to get back your permanently deleted Instagram account.

If this option doesn’t work for you, then there is no other option available to contact Instagram Team.

Even If this option hasn’t helped, you can create a new Instagram Account with the same e-mail id. If your username isn’t taken by someone else then, you can take your previous username.

I hope this article helps you to recover your permanently deleted Instagram account.

Let me know if this method works for you. If you have any questions regarding this topic, you can ask me in the comments below. I’d be happy to help.


Rupi Mavi is the founder and author of Here She Blogs. She writes about Blogging, Digital Marketing and Technology and helps people start & grow their Blogs from scratch.

88 thoughts on “How to Recover Permanently Deleted Instagram Account? – 2022”

  1. hi my account was hacked or deleted even i dont know i am not able to sign in and even not able to recover how can i get the account back on instagram

    • Hi Shahana, I’m so sorry to hear that. Have some patience, there is an ongoing issue with Instagram from last 2 days. It will be resolved.

  2. I have the exact same problem! Maybe it’s Instagram’s issue? I also emailed them but haven’t heard back yet 🙁

    • Hi Row, Yes I successfully recovered my account by following the same method but it took me 5 attempts to recover it.

  3. Hii
    On 23 rd june ive deleted my account permanently and i thought i have 30 days like it was showing that i can loggin my account before 24th july but when i tried to loggin and restore my account then an error is displaying :- unknown network error , i have tried each and every method to solve the error but nothing works now i email on instgram but nothing is working !!! Please helpe

    • Hi Sejal, if your user name is taken by someone else then you won’t be able to recover your account by any means.

  4. Hii Rupi
    I had deleted my account on April 21st due some reasons. But now I wanted to login again. But yesterday when I logged in my account was deleted.
    My doubt is I had time till last week of May but why did my account get deleted early. Hope u will help me.
    Now can I recover my account however I’ve followed all the steps u mentioned above.

  5. Hi,
    Will the same method be used if Instagram disables an account for it going against community guidelines? A friend pulled a prank on my from my phone and my account got deactivated.

    • Hi Shujah,
      Yes, this method works on disabled accounts. Make sure you haven’t violated any community guidelines of Instagram.

  6. Hi there, I had to delete my instagram account against my own will during a domestic violence incident. I now want to recover the account given I am out of that traumatic situation. Is there any way I can recover with the posts and followers? Its devastating..Please help had the last 7 years from my sons firstborn photos and every memory of my life and my sons for the past 7 years. Help!

    • Hi, I’m so sorry to know about what you had suffered. I’m glad that you’re out of that thing now.

      About Instagram, it’s not possible to reteieve a 7 years old account if that is permanently deleted.

      In case you have just deactivated it. You can retrieve it.

  7. Hello Rupi,

    My Instagram account was working fine yesterday. But today I automatically got logged out and I tried to log in but it said that I have requested to delete my account. But I never tried to delete my account. I went to the Instagram Help Centre and I got the email stating to handwrite the numbers, my username and full name on a blank piece of paper. Will I get my account back, will my account get recovered? Please tell asap.

  8. Hello Rupi
    I got the email stating to hand write the numbers, my username and full name on a blank peace of paper. My question is my IG account is a business account and I didn’t have my personal name associated. So would I still have to put my full name on the piece of paper or leave it out?

  9. Hi there, I don’t have a name on my instagram account. I only have a bio and a username. What should I write in the appeal form? thanks x

  10. Hi Rupi,
    I have filled in the form as suggested but when I click send I get an error saying ‘Your Request Couldn’t be processed- there is a problem with your request, we are working on getting it fixed as soon as we can’ Please can you advise? Thanks

  11. HELLO please help
    i filled the form in blue link but it shows uername does not belong to user
    i have mailed you with screeenshots

  12. Hi, Rupi!
    Thank you for the (finally) good article about this problem. I just recently filling up the forms (2 forms) and already got an email that told me to take a selfie with that code thing. I just want to ask, how long should we wait and can we do the whole steps for more than once? I mean, is it possible to repeat a whole process and get another email from facebook to take that kind of selfie again?
    Thanks in advance! hope you have a nice day 🙂

    • Hi Kat,
      Thank you for your feedback.
      You can re-submit the form if they haven’t yet sent you the recovery link.
      If you re-appeal the decision by resubmitting the form then you’ll get a different code.

  13. Hi Rupi,

    Great Article!
    However, my account got disabled and I’m having trouble with the form. I put all my details with my username, but it doesn’t accept my username as it says I have to go confirm my account on Instagram to request a review. But that’s not possible because my account has been disabled. Not sure what to do, can i please send a screenshot of the message I’m getting to your email?

    Thanks! in desperate need of help

  14. Hi Anna, try to fill the form again otherwise with correct instagram username and fill the name as you used on Instagram.

    If that doesn’t work then mail me the screenshot of the error you’re getting.

    Email : [email protected]

  15. Hello, I followed the process and I did exactly what the instagram team sent via mail which is my follow name, user name, code sent by instagram and a picture of my face and hand holding the paper but since 9th of October 2020 there hasn’t been a single response nor acknowledgement from the instagram team. I have since repeated the process but got no response from them. What can I do next

    • Hi Olaseni, due to covid situation and sudden rise in appeals sometimes Instagram team gives priority to people with more followers.

      So, try refilling and re-submitting the form again. Sometimes it takes more than 2-3 attempts to hear back from Instagram team.

  16. Hello! In the “full name” bracket of the contact technical support team application should we use our real life name or the name shown on instagram? (because my instagram name is a nickname)

    • Hi Nikos, you need to fill the name as used on Instagram.
      In your case, as you said your instagram name is your nick name so you need to fill that.

  17. Hello , my account says it’s been disabled due to not following community guidelines but i didn’t do anything , I’m just not understanding… is there any possible way to get my account back , I’ve tried to fill out the form but it won’t take my user name url … should i just forget about this account , or just start another one ?

    • Hi Shadrika,
      I understand your concern.
      You should appeal instagram team via the same form given in the post.
      They will revert back to you.

  18. So I got a message that I can re log in however when I try to log in Instagram states user is still disabled.

    What can I do ? Who can I contact at this point.

    They had sent out an email saying that the account is reactived however the account is actually not….

    • Hi Adeel,
      You can contact instagram team again for the same issue.
      Describe the issue you’re facing right now, they will surely get back to you.

      Sometimes we need to contact 2-3 times for getting the account back.

  19. I need help getting my deleted Instagram account. I typed the correct url or username for the Instagram account but it says it’s invalid please help me.

    • Hi Tony, this contact form asks for username only. If it still saying its invalid then try to attemp login into your account and password. If it shows this username is invalid or this user doesn’t exist then it means instagram has disabled your account for violating the terms or community guidelines.

  20. Hello I got a code from the Facebook/Instagram. I send the code as instructed however they never got back to me..

    I sent the email twice now. About the account

    Please advise

    • Hi Adeel,
      Due to corona situation, these days Instagram Team takes longer than usual to reply. You can re-submit the form if they haven’t replied yet.

  21. I deleted my account myself accidentally while trying to delete a secondary account I had created for my pet but both accounts got deleted. Do you think Instagram will let me retrieve my account?

    • Yes, you can retrieve your account by contacting instagram team. These days, they respond very slow so you might have to wait for 3-4 days.

    • No No No !
      A strict No !
      If Instagram Team is
      hasn’t recovered your Instagram than No one can recover it.
      All the hackers out there are spams.
      Firstly you pay them 100-150$ and then they demand for more.
      After that they will block you.

      It’s better to make a new account and work on it. Instead of paying someone spam, you better invest that money on promoting your Instagram account.

  22. Hi, thank you so much for this article. I got my account back after 15 days.
    I have no words how to thank you. Thank you thank you thank you so much.

  23. I’ve tried to fill out the form once on my laptop. Then again on my iPhone. I keep on getting a message saying that I need to confirm my account before submitting. This is impossible as my account has been disabled. Do you have any advice?

  24. hello, I sent you an email but you are not responding back, I just wanted to say that I have not uploaded pics on that account, but there are highlights, will I still get it back? and instagram has not yet replied to my email

  25. hello, what do you mean by authenticity of account, is there a chance that instagram won’t be able to help me? and if they sent a email saying incorrect instagram url what shall I do? please help

    • Authenticity of account means you have to prove them that it’s your account by sending them your picture and code.

      If that picture matches the pictures you have uploaded on your Instagram then there is high possibility of retrieving your account.

      Use the Instagram url of the account that you want to recover. The exact username should be used.

      If you still have any doubts contact me at [email protected]

  26. hello, what do you mean by authenticity of account, im actually worried as hell cuz I have not seen this coming and my account is really important, like will there be hope that I can get it? or there is a chance that instagram won’t be able to help me? and if they sent a email saying incorrect instagram url what shall I do? please help

    • Hi Rose, yes it works.
      It depends upon the authenticity of account. So can only appeal to Instagram Team rest is upto them.

    • Yes Vaishnavi, you will get back the previous account with posts and followers.
      You need to prove your authenticity for that.

  27. Hi! My friend instagram account just got deleted accidentally and is urgently trying to retrieve it. Contacted support but they did not revert back! Any assistance?

    Please assist as its urgent

    • Hi Ahmed, please check the link button in blue colour under Contact Instagram Support , click on that link and follow the instructions given in the article.

      Let me know if the problem persists.

  28. Hi Rupi,
    When I try the first step. I get this notification because my account has been permanently deleted.

    Incorrect Instagram input
    The short-link URL you provided is not a User. Please provide a valid User. Click here to learn how to get the url of a piece of content.“

    • Hi Dem,
      I understand your concern. Please send me the screenshot of the warning message you’re getting at the e-mail given on the Contact page.


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