Payment Revision Needed On Amazon: Here’s How To Fix It Quickly

Are you facing an error message on Amazon that says, “Payment Revision Needed’?

Don’t worry, Payment Revision Needed message is the most commonly encountered problem on Amazon.

Amazon customers have reported repeatedly encountering an error message that states, ‘Payment Revision Required’. They have complained that they are facing this error over and over again while they try to make a purchase.

If you are one of these victims, below is an explanation of why you’re getting a ‘Payment Revision Needed’ error and how to fix it.

What is ‘Payment Revision Needed’ error on Amazon?

Why am getting Payment Revision Needed error On Amazon

If you’re facing the Payment Revision Required error then here is the explanation why the Payment Revision Needed error means.

This annoying Amazon error prevents users from completing their payments. After confirming the purchase, customers see a pop-up message that asks them to revise their payment.

Most of the time this error occurs when your bank declines your payment request and the transaction is yet incomplete.

There are many reasons for these messages to occur. Here are few possible reasons:

  • Your payment might be accidentally interrupted due to a technical or network error
  • This error occurs if the user refresh the page or press the backspace button prior the completion of payment.
  • If the card validity is expired.
  • Incorrect Credit/Debit card details.
  • Due to insufficient funds inyour bank.
  • Your card might got blocked for some reason.

It’s annoying for customers to receive errors like “Payment Revision Needed.” To fix this problem, make sure all of the reasons listed above are checked.

Many Amazon customer has affected by this confusing issue and they contacted Amazon Customer Service for help. But Amazon customer service suggested them to contact their payment provider instead.

As a result, customers are left awestruck as nothing resolves their issue.

Let’s move on to fix the Payment Revision needed issue:

What to do after receiving the Payment Revision Needed message?

These days scammers are using Payment Revision messages to scam people. They send e-mails that seems like come from Amazon to customers and manipulate them to reveal their sensitive financial information like card details, debit/credit card pin and expiry dates etc.

So, whenever you receive such e-mails, make sure to follow the following steps:

1. Make sure you get an email from Amazon

First of all, check if you have received an e-mail from Amazon. If you received the mail then you should revise further.

2. Make sure you get Payment Revision Notification on Amazon app

You’ll receive the same notification via both your Amazon account and registered e-mail address about the Payment Revision Needed issue.

3. Don’t click on any text messages links

If you’re getting text messages regarding Payment revision needed then let me tell you that Amazon never sends any text messages regarding this issue.


In most cases, ‘Payment Revision Needed’ is not an actual error. It is a phishing or spam e-mail that tries to trick Amazon customers to get their payments details.

So, vigilantly check the e-mail before proceeding for any fix.

And do not click on any link as that may be spam.

4. Don’t click on any emails that look spammy

Ensure that you have received an email from Amazon before clicking on any link. Otherwise don’t click on any link.

How to Fix ‘Payment Revision Needed’ on Amazon

How to fix Payment Revision Needed error On Amazon

If you’re facing the issues like your amazon payment revision needed but money deducted from your account or amazon has cancelled the order then here’s the fix:

  1. Sign in to your Amazon account and tap on the Payment option to check which card or bank is listed as your default payment method.
  2. If the payment details are accurate then go to your orders, retry the payment method and complete your transaction.
  3. If your payment details are incorrect then modify it.
  4. Check if the problem is fixed or not.

If you’ve followed all of the above and the payment is still pending then the issue is with your bank.

If you’re getting a Payment revision error but amazon charged you or your money got deducted then contact your bank and inquire about the situation.

If there is an issue with Amazon, they will inform you.

Many people contact Amazon first before contacting their banks, and Amazon’s typical response is to direct them to contact their banks.

To resolve the error, contact your payment provider first. If your payment provider is unable to help and the problem still persists then contact Amazon Customer care for further assistance.

Why does Amazon keep asking me to Revise my payment method?

If you’re getting a Payment Revision needed error on Amazon, it means there is an ongoing issue with your transaction. It may be because of insufficient funds or a technical error.

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Final Thoughts

I hope you’ll find this article insightful and will be able to fix your Payment Revision Needed error on Amazon.

If the above-mentioned method doesn’t work for you then try to remove your payment method and add it again to resolve the Payment revision issue.

If you have any queries regarding the Payment revision method then let me know in the comment section.

Payment Revision Needed On Amazon: Here’s How To Fix It Quickly

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