How to Claim Your Website on Pinterest – Step by step


Are you using Pinterest to share your blog content but don’t know how to claim your website on Pinterest to get verified? If yes, then you’re reading the right article.

In this article, I’ll guide you step by step on how to claim your website on Pinterest.

Pinterest is one of the most popular platforms used by almost 80% of bloggers to drive traffic to their websites.

Getting verified on Pinterest not only drives more targeted traffic to your blog but also increases your Brand Popularity as people got to know about your blog and brand. It also adds authenticity to your Pinterest profile.

So, let’s get started with the guide to verify your site on Pinterest without any further delay.

What is Pinterest Verification?

Pinterest Verification is a process to get verified on Pinterest by claiming your website on Pinterest. It is pretty similar to getting verified on other social media platforms like Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook, etc.

Verification actually helps to let users know about the authenticity, trustworthiness, and reliability of your website.

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Why It Is Important To Claim Your Website On Pinterest?

The question arises, Is it important to verify your account on Pinterest? Is it necessary to claim the website on Pinterest?

The answer is Yes.

You can check my Verified Pinterest Profile below.

Don’t worry; I’ll let you understand why it is important to claim your website on Pinterest. Verifying your site on Pinterest will give you access to many valuable features. Here are a few :

  1. Checked Icon  On your Pinterest profile, a globe-checked symbol will appear next to your site URL. It assures your authenticity to visitors.
  2. Profile Picture – Your profile picture will display on all Pins that you have pinned from your website or uploaded directly to Pinterest.
  3. Follow Button – Other than having the follow button on your profile, when someone saves your Pin, Pinterest shows them a pop-up(says, to get more ideas like this, follow this person) with a follow button beside your profile picture.
  4. More Views On Your Content – Pinterest and other search engine crawlers will recognize your valuable content and show it to users, and you’ll get more views on your content.
  5. More Engaged Content – The check icon that we discussed in point 1 shows your brand value to readers, and they’ll get more engaged with your content as they know it’s from a reliable source.
  6. Drives More Traffic To Your Website – With better engagement, users click more on your pins to read your articles, and it drives targeted traffic to your blog.
  7. Pinterest Analytics – You will get access to Pinterest analytics that allows you to check stats for the Pins you have published or what visitors are pinning from your site.
  8. Access to Ads Program – You will get access to Pinterest ads to promote your pins.

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How To Claim Your Website On Pinterest?

Let’s move on to the most important task that is to claim your website on Pinterest. Claiming a website on Pinterest looks like a complicated task, but it is relatively easy. It merely takes 5 minutes to claim your domain on Pinterest.

NOTE – You need to claim your website by using a laptop or desktop.

Now the question is whether your website is on WordPress or Blogger?

Don’t worry, we’ll discuss both. I’ll guide you on how to verify your website on Pinterest in easy and quick steps.

Things To Do Before Claiming Your Website On Pinterest

Before claiming the website on Pinterest, you need to upgrade your Pinterest account to a Pinterest Business account.

It’s FREE – Upgrading to a Pinterest business account is easy and absolutely free.

How To Upgrade Your Pinterest Account To Pinterest Business Account

Follow the given steps to upgrade your account to Pinterest Business Account.

  1. Log in to your Pinterest Account.
  2. Go to Settings > Account Settings.
  3. Under Account changes, Click on Convert Account.
  4. It’ll redirect you to next page > GET FREE BUSINESS ACCOUNT.
  5. Now click on continue.

That’s all, you’re done with upgrading your account to a business account. Isn’t it easy?

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How To Claim WordPress Website On Pinterest?

Finally, it’s time to verify the WordPress website on Pinterest. To add WordPresss website we will use the HTML TAG option.

STEP 1: Add Your Website On Pinterest

The first and foremost step to verify your website on Pinterest is to add your website to your Pinterest business account.

To do that, go to the DROP-DOWN MENU (on the top right corner) and click on SETTINGS.

After that go to EDIT PROFILE > WEBSITE URL (add your website URL here) > SAVE


STEP 2: Claim Your Website On Pinterest

Now go to the CLAIM option on the left-hand side. Click on the Red colored CLAIM BUTTON.

Claim Website On Pinterest

After clicking CLAIM, it shows you the options > CHOOSE HOW YOU WANT TO CLAIM.

Choose to Add HTML tag, as it’s the easiest method to claim the website on Pinterest. You can go with the other options, but they are a bit complicated and time-consuming.

Copy the given HTML Tag.

STEP 3: Add HTML Tag To Your WordPress Site

This step totally depends upon which plugin you’re using on your WordPress website. Here we will discuss Yoast SEO, Rank Math, and other alternatives one by one.

YOAST SEO – If you’re using Yoast SEO plugin on your WordPress website, Go to WordPress Dashboard > Yoast SEO > SOCIAL

Make sure your Open Graph Meta Data (under the Facebook tab) is enabled.

After confirming that, go to the Pinterest Tab option on the same page and paste your HTML Meta Tag (that you copied from Pinterest in Step 1).

Then click SAVE CHANGES and go to STEP 4.

RANK MATH – If you’re using Rank Math plugin on your WordPress website, Go to WordPress Dashboard > Rank Math > GENERAL SETTINGS > WEBMASTER TOOLS

Under Pinterest Verification ID, paste the HTML Tag (that you copied from Pinterest in Step 1).

Click SAVE CHANGES and go to STEP 4.

ALTERNATIVE – If you’re not using Yoast SEO or Rank Math then you need to install a new plugin Insert Headers and Footers.

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After activating this plugin, go to your WordPress dashboard > Settings > Insert Headers and Footers.

Paste the HTML Tag in the header section of the Insert Headers and Footers plugin and click save changes then move on to STEP 4.

STEP 4: Verify Your Website On Pinterest

After adding the HTML Tag to your WordPress website, go back to Pinterest. Click Continue on the page from where you copied the META Tag.

Then Pinterest asked you to Verify your website by submitting your website URL.

Enter your Website URL and click verify.

It shows you that your “Verification in progress”. Within 1 hour, you’ll get the confirmation mail about the verification of your website.

These days, it hardly takes 2 minutes for your website to get verified. Yayyy!

Sometimes it instantly shows you on the screen that your website is connected.

Verified website

When it’s done, refresh your page and you’ll notice the checked icon on your website URL.

After getting verified, you’ll be able to use all the Pinterest business features we have discussed above.

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How To Claim Blogger Website On Pinterest?

If you have your website on Blogger, then to verify your blogger website on Pinterest you need to follow the same steps as given above except STEP 3, where you have to add the HTML tag to your website.

After following the first two steps then for Step 3, you need to go to your blogger admin dashboard(where you write your posts).

Then go to THEME > click on the Dropdown button besides CUSTOMIZE BUTTON.

After that click on EDIT HTML. Then add your HTML tag under <head> section.

Simple click enter after <head> and paste your HTML tag. Then click SAVE.

That’s all you need to do to add an HTML tag to your blogger website. After adding the tag, follow STEP 4 as mentioned above.


I hope this guide helped you to claim your website on Pinterest. It is very important to claim your website on Pinterest to get verified as it drives more traffic to your blog.

If you have any questions or queries related to Pinterest then please do ask me in the comment section. I’ll try my best to get back to you as soon as possible.

I’d be grateful if you share this post on your social media or with others.

See you in the next post.!

Happy pinning!


Rupi Mavi is the founder and author of Here She Blogs. She writes about Blogging, Digital Marketing and Technology and helps people start & grow their Blogs from scratch.

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