How To Fix “Blocked As Suspected Bot” WordPress Error – 2022

Are you encountering a WordPress error when you or a reader of your blog tries to post a comment on a blog post that says, “Blocked as suspected bot”?

If the answer is yes, and you’re not getting any comments on your blog due to this error, then there might be some problem with your WordPress settings.

In this article, I’ll share my personal experience with this “Blocked as suspected bot” error and the way to fix it.

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What is Blocked as Suspected Bot Error?

Blocked as suspected bot error comes up for your site visitors, notably when they try to comment on your site.

When they submit a comment on your blog, they get a blank screen that shows an error message – ” Blocked as suspected bot”. This problem generally occurs in the blogs hosted on Bluehost.

Blocked as Suspected Bot – My Personal Experience

A few days back, I’ve been informed by some fellow bloggers and readers of my blog that they are unable to drop any comments on my blog post as they are getting Blocked as a suspected bot error.

After I got to know about the issue, I tried to drop a comment on my own blog but I too have faced the same problem.

This error obstructs the engagement of visitors with my website by blocking the valuable comments from being published on the site.

It can be frustrating because you won’t even notice unless someone points it out to you. I checked my blog’s discussion settings and try to deactivate and reinstall Akismet and Jetpack plugins.

But none of these things worked because this issue doesn’t have any relation to these plugins.

Why Blocked as suspected bot Error occurs?

If you’re facing this suspected bot error, the problem might be your discussion forum settings or a plugin blocking the comments.

This problem occurs to people having websites on the WordPress platform hosted on Bluehost.

Steps To Fix The ‘Blocked as suspected bot’ Error

The method to fix this error is fairly easy but it took me a while to figure it out. So let’s go through all the steps you need to take to fix the ‘Blocked as suspected bot’ error and to ensure that visitors can post a comment on your blog.

  1. Login into the WordPress Dashboard
  2. Go to Plugins

1.Deactivate the MOJO Marketplace Plugin

In most cases, this problem is caused by a Bluehost plugin named MOJO Marketplace, a default plugin installed by your hosting provider.

To fix this issue, deactivate the MOJO plugin.

In incognito mode, open your website. Go to any post and drop a test comment. If that test comment is added successfully means your problem is fixed. You can delete that test comment later.

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2.Deactivate the Bluehost Plugin

If you have deleted the MOJO plugin but the problem still persists. Or, if you don’t have any plugin named MOJO Marketplace installed on your website then the next step is to check the plugin named Bluehost.

If you have the Bluehost plugin installed on your website, deactivate and then delete the Bluehost plugin from your site.

This will definitely fix your problem and your comment section will start working perfectly.

Deactivating the Bluehost plugin won’t affect your hosting or anything on your website. So, feel free to deactivate it to fix this blocked as a suspected error.

You still can access your Bluehost through C-panel.

  • You can manage your plugins and themes from Bluehost cPanel
  • Can access your Bluehost dashboard through cPanel


If you’re facing this Blocked as a suspected bot error, it probably is caused by plugins named Bluehost or MOJO Marketplace.

To resolve the issue, you can simply deactivate these plugins from your installed plugins. If the problem still persists, you can contact your hosting provider to get help.

I hope this article helped you troubleshoot your suspected bot problem. Feel free to share your experience with this error in the comment section below.



Rupi Mavi is the founder and author of Here She Blogs. She writes about Blogging, Digital Marketing and Technology and helps people start & grow their Blogs from scratch.

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